Before start the session?

I don't need to hear from you which ailment or worries you have. I know already intuitively. What follows is an individual process.

How does a session work?

You can sit or lay down and relax. Then I ask you to close your eyes and breathe deeply. I hold my hands over your body, or put them on the place where the energy is needed.

How long does a healing session take?

About 30 – 45 minutes. This includes a pre-and / or post-interview.

What happens afterwards?

The energy continues to work for a while and the healing process takes its course. It is a profound and individual process which works on all levels of being - physical, mental and emotional. Therefore, I cannot say in advance exactly what will happen. That depends on the life history and life plan of each individual. I recommend everyone, if possible, should rest and avoid stress for the period right after the healing.

Is a session also possible from distance?

Yes. The energy transfer is not spatially limited.

Does it works also on animals and children?

 Yes, usually especially "fast" because they do not expect, hope or question anything.



Legal Disclaimer

The sessions with me are open to all people, regardless of religion, church, race or belief.
I give no promises of healing, make no diagnoses and provide no treatments.
A session with me is not a substitute for a doctor's visit. You should continue to follow the treatment or therapy prescribed by your physician until told to discontinue this.