The encounter with a healer many years ago has profoundly changed my life. This transformation process continues and influences my whole being - a healing process on a professional and private level.

The process made me aware of my gift of being able to pass on life energy. Healing, divine energy flows through people in a unique way: full of love and power and profoundly effective. The energy transfer has a holistic effect on the body, mind and soul and the self-healing powers are activated and strengthened. The consciousness changes and the healing from inside to outside can begin.

Often we lose contact with our soul. The world is changing faster and faster. This unsettles our inner self in search of light and love.

Are you open and ready for change and the process of healing?
I accompany you on your way to a conscious and happier life and help you to experience more ease.

For more than two decades, I have followed my vocation to make room for spiritual healing in individual and group sessions.

I gladly support your healing process on a holistic level. Get in contact.

Your Shahram Shoaei