As a native Iranian, I studied business informatics in Germany. Following my graduation I founded and directed a consulting firm, an advertising agency and a publishing company.

During my career, I became seriously ill and gained my first experiences with spiritual healing. The encounter with a healer was to radically change the course of my life. With his support, I managed to overcome my own personal life crisis and to experience healing both on a physical and mental level.

This experience changed my life dramatically. I realized that I was not only able to receive this healing energy, but that I could also pass it on to others. My life was given a completely new direction.

Over time I came to understand this force which flows through me so to say. My previously unconscious and unfulfilled desire to help other people, suddenly made ​​sense. Since then, it has become my destiny to share this divine energy with other people and with animals, to help them also experience healing.

Healing is, primarily, a fundamental process of reconnecting with love, God, the universe and creation. We are all connected with this all-embracing life energy. However, in many people, this connection has become blocked or disturbed - this can lead to discomfort, unhappiness and even illness. During a healing session, the connection is restored once again, so that healing can take place on all levels. You have your own access to everything you need. You just need to close your eyes and feel that the energy is there - in you and around you.